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Taste of the Bay


Local Shark Bay Prawns, Scallops and Whiting, Red Onion, Basil and Cherry Tomatoes on our Bechemal based seafood sauce and Mozzarella. Cracked black pepper optional.

Garlic Prawn


Local Shark Bay Prawns, Red Onion, Basil and Fresh Tomato on our Bechamel based seafood sauce and Mozzarella.

The Local


Chicken (cooked in our very own wood fired oven), Napoli Sauce, Mozzarella, Bacon, Onion, Roasted Pumpkin, Char Grilled Capsicum and Eggplant. Topped with Fresh Spinach and Aioli

Pulled Pork


We slow roast our pork over several hours in our homemade BBQ sauce, guaranteeing it to be tender and juicy! Topped with Mozzarella, Red Onions and Sundried Tomatoes. On your choice of a traditional Napoli sauce or a BBQ sauce base

The Works


Pepperoni, Ham, Bacon, Napoli Sauce, Mozzarella, Mushrooms. Onions, Capsicum, Olives, Pineapple, Anchovies and Chilli Flakes



Pepperoni, Chorizo, Bacon and Napoli Sauce, Mozzarella, Mushrooms, Onions, Capsicum, Olives and Chilli Flakes

Spicy Beef


Tasty Premium Minced Beef, Napoli Sauce, Mozzarella, Onions, Mushrooms, Sundried Tomatoes, Capsicum and Jalapenos. Finished with a sprinkle of Chilli Flakes.

Meat Lovers


Pepperoni, Ham and Bacon, Mozzarella with either a BBQ or Napoli sauce base

BBQ Chicken


Chicken, Bacon, Mozzarella, Mushrooms and Onions on a BBQ sauce base (Add pineapple for extra flavour!)



Fresh Tomato, Ham, Napoli Sauce, Mozzarella, Mushrooms and Olives



Ham, Pepperoni, Napoli Sauce, Mozzarella, Onion, Capsicum, Fresh Tomato, Jalapenos and Chilli Flakes

The Hot One


Pepperoni, Chorizo, Mozzarella, Fresh Tomato, Jalapenos and Chilli Flakes on a Tomato Chilli sauce base. Hot and Spicy!

Veggie Delight


Roasted Pumpkin, Char Grilled Capsicum and Eggplant, Napoli Sauce, Mozzarella, Onion, Pineapple & Mushrooms. Finished with Fresh Spinach and Aioli



Sundried Tomatoes, Napoli Sauce, Mozzarella, Olives, Fetta, Red onion, Fresh Tomato and Basil



Napoli Sauce, Vegan Mozzarella, Onion, Mushroom, Pumpkin, Capsicum, Fresh Tomato, Char-grilled Capsicum, Eggplant and Vegan Parmesan. (Pineapple optional) Topped with Fresh Spinach



Ham and Pineapple, Napoli Sauce, Mozzarella. Classic



Pepperoni, Napoli Sauce, Mozzarella. Nice and Simple



Lots of cheese, Napoli Sauce and a sprinkle of Oregano






Chicken/Pork/Beef Mince




Other Veggie Extras


Gluten Free Bases



Deluxe Garlic Bread


Garlic bread stuffed with bacon and cheese.

Garlic Bread


Served in a crusty 1/2 baguette.

Dipping Aioli


Soft Drink (Can)



Homemade Chocolate Mudcake or Vanilla Cheesecake (Slice)


Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream